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Are you thinking of using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to find content for an upcoming project? Here are some tips to help you get started with your search.

Determine the type and quantity of content

Before starting your search, it’s important to know the types of content and approximate quantity you need. This could include images, text, audio recordings, ebooks, and more.

Search using keywords

Use relevant keywords related to the topic you are looking for, such as “dinosaurs”, “zoology”, “geology”, “camping”, “skiing”, and more.

Filter results

Most DAM systems will allow you to filter search results by readability, word count, file type, genre, and date of copyright. This will help you find the most appropriate content for your audience.

Preview and select

Once you find content that meets your search criteria and looks like a good match you can preview it to further review and ensure it meets your needs. You can also check the copyright and usage rights of the content to ensure the rights are available for your use case.

Download or save

Once you select the content you need, you can download or save it within the DAM.

By following these steps, DAM libraries make it faster and easier to find quality content for your projects.

PRO TIP: ***Once you become more familiar with the DAM and since each system is different, it might be useful for your “power users” such as editors and permissions teams to do an in-depth demo of the advanced search features of the DAM.

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